New Diagnostic Pathways

CAD triage before Xpert®

dCXR/CAD in Ghana

Systematic screening in risk groups requires rapid and affordable diagnostic pathways. According to WHO dCXR is an essential tool for early TB detection, hence for the End TB Strategy. dCXR with Computer Aided Detection (CAD) as a 1 minute triage before Xpert® facilitates that Strategy.

dCXR/CAD automates pre-screening

Check for TB with digital radiology empowered by CAD and molecular tests for cost effective active case finding.

Relatively high Xpert® cost and 2 hours processing time still limit the widespread uptake

digital X-ray eliminates the need for films and trained staff to diagnose each dCXR

CAD4TB automatically scores chest radiographs between 0-100 on abnormalities consistent with TB and surpasses the performance of a trained human reader

CAD4TB can be used in Active / Passive TB case finding and in prevalence surveys

CAD4TB supports the Stop TB Partnership Paradigm Shift through new diagnostic pathways to detect more TB cases earlier and at ~50% lower cost

is a private partner since 2008 of the Stop TB Partnership, based in the Netherlands

informs and connects stakeholders and facilitates access to financing for research and investments

offers an online Economics of TB Screening model (link) and an iOS App CAD4TB

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