Significantly lowers case detection cost Print

Cost per chest image of direct digital X-ray (dCXR) is up to 85% lower than that of analogue cameras using films. The marginal / consumable cost of taking one more digital Chest X-ray can be as low as € 0.02 (electricity & computer memory).

For all direct digital X-ray systems similar cost savings can be expected. Initial high investment in direct digital X-ray results in shorter payback periods as daily throughput increases. Other benefits such as ease of use, immediate image availability, environmental friendliness, teleradiology and quality monitoring capabilities by NTP’s have not been taken into account in this financial analysis.

Operating Cost Savings

As the digital camera warrants very low operating costs, high annual savings can be made as illustrated in the below graph. Annual savings are estimated to range from € 25,000 to € 170,000 per digital system depending on the throughput.

Annual Operating Cost Savings per Throughput per System

Payback Period


Due to the very low operating costs, a digital X-ray pays itself back in only 0.8 years when 300 images are taken daily during 5 days a week, in 1.7 years at 150 images per day and in 5,8 years when only 50 images are taken daily. For this reason, the digital systems are particularly apt for prevalence studies, larger TB screening centres and inmate or mine worker screening programs.

Payback Period per Daily Patient Throughput